What is Git?

What is Git?

Git is distributed version control software. Version control allows you to save changes over time without overwriting previous versions. Git is distributed, meaning every developer has a copy of the entire repository.

Why Use Git?

Git offers several advantages, including speed, the ability to handle merge conflicts, the flexibility of branches, and ease of rollback. It ensures the safety of your work and fosters a more fearless development environment.

Getting Started With Git

Installing Git

Depending on your OS, Git might already be installed. Ensure you understand how Git works, whether through a terminal, GitHub Desktop, or GitHub.com.

Basic Workflow

  1. Create a branch: Typically named “main,” you can create branches for specific tasks.
  2. Make changes and commit: Edit your repository and save changes with descriptive commit messages.
  3. Push changes to the remote: Share your work with others using git push.
  4. Open a pull request: Compare and review changes with peers before merging.
  5. Collaborate: Integrate feedback, make more commits, and update the pull request.
  6. Merge into main: When ready, merge your branch into the main branch and delete it.

Learning Git Commands

Git Cheat Sheet

Start with the Git Cheat Sheet for fundamental command-line operations. Key commands include:

Getting Started With WKMN Development

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