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This promotional offer, effective immediately, is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Offer Expiry Date:

This offer is valid until no later than September 30th, 12:00 PM UTC. Any requests made after this time will not be eligible for the promotion.

Participant Requirements:

To participate in this promotional offer, participants are required to:

Termination Rights:

WKMN Development reserves the right to terminate or modify this promotional offer before the specified end date without prior notice. Any such termination or modification will not affect participants who have already qualified for the offer before its termination.

Domain Availability:

Domain registration is subject to availability and is provided for one year, up to a maximum value of $15. WKMN Development will assist in securing an available domain, but specific domain names cannot be guaranteed.

Website Details:

The single page website included in this offer will be created using one of the WKMN Development Single Page templates, which can be viewed at

By participating in this promotional offer, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. For any inquiries or assistance related to this offer, please contact WKMN Development.

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