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CasaOS: Your Personal Cloud OS
CasaOS is a community-based open-source software that focuses on delivering a simple personal cloud experience around the Docker ecosystem.
CasaOS: Your Personal Cloud OS image

Your Personal Cloud, Reimagined

Discover amazing self-deployable apps with CasaOS. Boost your managed cloud with over 20 pre-installed Docker-based apps and 50+ community-verified apps from the app store. Connect all of your precious data in one place and access your server anytime, anywhere.

About CasaOS

Project CasaOS started as a community-based open-source project focused on delivering a simple personal cloud experience around the Docker ecosystem. CasaOS aims to redefine the private cloud digital experience for creators and developers through data democratization and enabling everyone to take that goal to a new scale.

What does CasaOS look like?





Friendly UI designed for home scenarios

No code, no forms, intuitive, design for humanity

Selected apps in the app store, one-click installation

Nextcloud, HomeAssiant, AdGuard, Jellyfin, *arr and more!

Easily install numerous Docker apps

Over 100,000 apps from the Docker ecosystem can be easily installed

Elegant drive and file management

What you see is what you get. No technical background required.

Well-designed system/app widgets

What you care about, at a glance. Resource usage, app status, and more!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

You can learn more about CasaOS at casaos.io. It was created by IceWhale and is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. CasaOS is fully open-source and self-hostable. WKMN Development is not affiliated with IceWhale or CasaOS in any way. We simply provide a pre-configured version of CasaOS for our customers to use.

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